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The Chadwick Bay Investments Difference

Objective & Independent
As an independent fiduciary, I genuinely care about the best interest of my clients. I am not driven by fees, and I care more about YOUR success than about the amount of income you might drive to my firm. I will never offer advice, or suggest a product, that isn’t in your absolute best interest - guaranteed.

Responsive & Caring
Finances are extremely important. Aside from your loved ones, your personal finances are likely the most important part of your life. As your financial advisor, I understand this, and am always available to answer emails, take calls, and respond to your questions. My goal is to help alleviate the fear and/or stress you may be feeling about your financial future, and replace it with knowledge-based confidence.

Serving Pre- and Post-Retirees, Professionals, and those Divorced
With years of experience under my belt, I’ve found that working with people truly brings me joy. I especially enjoy working with retirees and pre-retirees, and business professionals who seek a more “hands-on partnership” approach from their financial advisor. I also understand how a divorce can wreak havoc on a financial plan, and am experienced in helping address and overcome that challenge.

It’s About Relationships
Simply put, I care about you. Developing meaningful, lasting relationships is how I measure the success of my business. I am not driven by fees or the sale of proprietary products, so my focus is always on you and your unique needs. Long-term goals require long-term plans, and I will stand with you for as long as it takes, as we strive together to reach your goals and realize your dreams. The best laid financial plans are built on trust and longevity; I am here to provide you with both.